If you are looking for antiques, Western Cape might just be the best place to them. Local stores offer many different vintage items like lighting, carpets and other home decoration. Their collection of antique furniture, though, out-stands others. It includes many differently and beautifully designed items for all your living room, bedroom, kitchen and outdoor needs.

Western Cape

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Sherry’s Antiques

Do you live in Western Cape and are looking for antique furniture? If so, head to the store of Sherry’s Antiques located in Westlake. They offer many different vintage furniture items for all living room, bedroom and kitchen needs. Design ...

Stellenbosch Antiques

Stellenbosch Antiques, an antiques store in Stellenbosch, is one very dear supplier of antique furniture in Western Cape. They offer the largest selection of adhoc, tables, chairs, cabinets and drawers. The design of all these various items ...

Studio Antiques

If there is one name that is putting in its best effort in preserving the rich cultural heritage in South Africa, then it is Studio Antiques. Whether it's restoration of the age-old antique furniture, conservation, treatment products and th ...

Wakis Antiques

Store of Wakis, in Strand, Western Cape, homes a large collection of some best looking antique furniture. From cabinets to cupboards and chairs to desks- they have every standard type of furniture, in different designs and styles. Plus, the ...